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Family Mediation

Best Family Mediation Newcastle

Best Family Mediation Newcastle

Family mediation is a dispute resolution process that assists parties to reach an agreement. A third party is involved. Parties may agree to attend mediation to resolve financial and/or parenting issues. It’s cheaper, faster and easier than court.

Family mediation can happen before or after court proceedings have started.

Mediation can help you formalise agreements. For example, a Parenting Plan can clarify how you will care for your children with your ex-partner. Steps can be taken to make it legally binding by the Court (e.g. a consent order).

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Frequently Asked Questions about Family Mediation

Family mediation can come in many forms. It can range from an informal discussion with a friend or family member or a formal process involving a professional mediator.

Family mediation can involved just two people in conflict and a neutral third party. Or it can include extended family members.

If a dispute can’t be resolved by mediation, it may need to go to court. This be a long, stressful and expensive experience. Most people are better off avoiding court. That’s why family mediation can be a much better option.

Family mediation can include the following:

  • Discussion between the parents.
  • Using a friend or family member to help.
  • Informal general mediation.
  • Using a special family mediation process covered under the Family Law Act 1975 called Family Dispute Resolution (FDR).

There are many benefits to mediation instead of court. Including lower costs, faster and less stress. It’s also more private than court. Most people don’t want the public to know about their private affairs.

Family Dispute Resolution (FDR) is a specific type of family mediation that must, with a few exceptions, be undertaken before court proceedings have commenced.

A Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner must be registered by the Attorney General for them to conduct Family Dispute Resolution under the Family Law Act 1975 (Cth).

Family law mediation can help you reach an agreement about:

  • Division of assets and debts.
  • Parenting arrangements.
  • Planning for the needs of your children. Such as healthcare and education.
  • And more.